Hi, we’re Korrobox!

Founded in 2018 by former employees of Riot Games, Blizzard, and Twitch, KorroBox is a video game distribution platform built from the ground-up to serve game developers and players. We are fixing issues with game discoverability by combining machine learning and blockchain technology to match players with games relevant to them.

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And this is Korro.

Please don’t alter these images in any way — Korro is happy just the way Korro is.

Alternative Logos

Use these logos only as icons. The full logos should be used for the majority of the time.

Color Palette

Color Palette

These are Korro’s favorite colors.

CYMK 60 1 41 0
CYMK 2 52 87 0
CYMK 25 46 75 4
CYMK 38 66 87 33
CYMK 71 65 64 72

Korro sees the world through these colors.

Korro refuses to sit in any other box colors.

Nap time.