KorroBox is a gaming platform where publishers connect with players directly to create social and personalized gaming experiences.

About KorroBox

KorroBox is works directly with game developers to give players customized onboarding and special offers.

KorroBox consists of a store and marketplace, personalized by their profiles, all on the blockchain.

Click on the numbers in the diagram to learn more about each step of the KorroBox’s new transaction process.


Here’s how it works.

For Developers

No Chargebacks

Zero fraudulent transactions; funds go directly to publisher wallets

New Markets

Access to new markets with traditionally high fraud rates (Asia, Latin America, and Russia)

Multiple platforms

Multi-platform transaction support (PC, mobile, and blockchain platforms)

Secondary markets

Fair share of proceeds from all secondary market transactions of their in-game items

For Players

Peer to Peer Sales

Ability to sell in-game items in a real-money transaction

Flexible Payment

Our platform will accept different payment options such as credit cards, Paypal, and popular cryptocurrencies

Fraud Protection

Protection from fraudulent items, non-payment, and other scams

Community Development

Modular community development of features enabled by blockchain security

Who will make it happen.

And here’s who will make it happen.



Ben Huang


Ben is a gaming industry veteran, having worked with Blizzard, Riot Games, and Twitch. Ben led strategic initiatives at these industry titans and looks to apply this experience to the blockchain industry.

Bao Lam


Bao aims to merge his knowledge in blockchain technology with his expertise in building teams and products. He has spent years at Riot Games helping grow teams in multiple disciplines and also founded an esports organization from the ground up.

Matt Sorg


Matt is well-versed in leading technical projects; after helping develop many Data Science projects at Riot Games and many products on iOS, Facebook Games and Google Play at Fantasy Moguls, he will develop our token and KorroBox platforms.

Angela Wu

Software Engineer

Nerissa Lin

Software Engineer

Andy Chorlian

Blockchain Engineer

Nancy Lam


Mina Hirano



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