Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since we last wrote an update, so I wanted to give you an idea of what we’ve been working on. A lot of exciting things are happening here at KorroBox.

UC Berkeley Skydeck

KorroBox has joined 21 other start-ups at the UC Berkeley Skydeck co-hort accelerator program. We moved our operations to Silicon Valley temporarily as we are focused on shipping our marketplace and creating a great product.

“Berkeley SkyDeck is at the center of UC Berkeley’s powerful startup ecosystem. We bring the massive resources of our university and our talented Cal alumni to accelerate our startups,” said Caroline Winnett, Executive Director, Berkeley SkyDeck. “With the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund supporting our teams, it’s moonshot territory here.”

Added Chon Tang, Founding Partner, Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, “Silicon Valley remains the best place in the world to build a high-tech startup. With UC Berkeley’s long tradition of entrepreneurship, and with the support of a strong group of engaged alumni advisors from the startup community, SkyDeck is uniquely positioned to help startups succeed in Silicon Valley.”

We’re excited to partner with one of the leading universities in the world as we develop our marketplace.

Games Store Launch

We’re excited to be launching the KorroBox store in July. It has been months of working on the right tech to provide developers and players with an alternative platform. The partners that we’ve signed will be pioneers in the blockchain space, the first games that will be purchased and served using blockchain technology. Here’s a preview of the platform:














Korro NFT Standards Previews

Finally, we’re excited to be able to share with you guys one of the exciting products that we’re working on. The Korro avatar system will be shown in more details in our next update, but it will accompany the launch of our NFT/secondary items marketplace. We wanted to show you guys some of the cute creatures you will be able to purchase on our marketplace. We’re working directly with game developers to integrate our avatars in their games. More details very soon.

What’s next?

Other than preparing for the launch of the KorroBox game store, we’re hard at work on strategic partnerships with some big game developers and plan to launch our secondary marketplace soon. We’ll be better at communicating with you guys, so look forward to our next update in August!


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