KorroBox is a gaming platform that redefines the player experience through lasting social interactions and tailored game experiences.

For Players

For Players

Consolidate all of your gaming experiences.

Where we are now: Purchase games with Ethereum.

Where we will be: Purchase games with any currency, buy and sell in-game items in a robust marketplace, record your achievement history across games in a social profile, and share it all with your friends.

For Developers

For Developers

Shift your focus to innovation and creativity.

We have significantly lower distribution costs and can work with you to build monetization structures (including targeted deals) that feel good for players and work with your games.


The Future

This is what we’re working on.



Purchase Games with Ethereum

We are testing out smart contracts and making sure things are recorded correctly on the blockchain. More payment methods will come!

in development


Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The marketplace launch will allow players to buy and sell in-game items without worrying about scams. All transactions will be secured by the blockchain.

up next

store 2.0

Personalized Deals & Profiles

Based on your games, we’ll offer deals and discounts customized for you. We’ll also launch profiles for you to show off achievements from different games.


The KorroBox Team

And here’s who will make it happen.

We are a group of game industry veterans from Riot Games, Blizzard, Twitch, and Gung Ho. After years of being a part of video games, we wanted to combine our skills in analytics, business development, design, and engineering to give back to the community through KorroBox.


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